7/20/18 Newsletter: Major Victory for Congress Heights Tenants!

In this week's newsletter, we highlight a major victory for Congress Heights tenants, the latest updates in the struggle against slum conditions at Montana Terrace, a public housing property in Northeast Washington, D.C., and a LinkUp interview with Vice President of the Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association Yvonne Johnson.

7/12/18 Newsletter: Public Money for Private Profit or Social Housing?

In Washington, D.C., as with cities across the country and around the world, luxury redevelopments are subsidized by taxpayer money.

Justice First Stands in Solidarity With Residents Fighting Gentrification Across the District

The struggle at Congress Heights is highlighting some of the many ways the District’s housing crisis is one of its politicians’ own making, the predictable result of policies that favor lucrative new developments over lifelong residents. As political cronies of important politicians get sweetheart deals, displaced tenants are forced to live in terrible conditions, and the entire process governing the zoning and the disposition of land favors the wealthy development interests and promotes the gentrification that so defines the past decade in the District. Read more

7/6/18 Newsletter: Youth Homelessness and Public Housing Neglect

Today's newsletter features an article by 23-year-old Washingtonian Breyuanna Campbell, in which she shares her perspective and direct experience with homelessness in the nation's capital.

6/28/18 Newsletter: Worldwide Affordable Housing Crisis, As Seen in DC

The D.C. housing struggles below exemplify the blatant corruption, collusion, and fundamental inequity of a system organized around money, rather than around people.

Why D.C. Government Favors Luxury Condos Over Affordable Housing in Congress Heights

A major falsehood is being perpetrated by public and private sector supporters of the redevelopment project at Congress Heights: that the reason the District government refuses to use its powers to help a non-profit developer build 200 units of affordable housing there has nothing to do with the direct ties District government leaders have to a development group that wants to build luxury condos and offices in the same space. This lie is pushed despite the clear, deep political, financial, and personal relationships that facilitate exactly this sort of cozy relationship between public and private actors. Read more

Important Congress Heights Updates

We recently learned that the District government has acquired the property at 3200 13th Street SE, which sits on the Congress Heights redevelopment site, where tenants have fought for three years against slumlords at Sanford Capital. Recent developments regarding the 3200 building at Congress Heights are indicative of the shocking decisions and deals the District makes with wealthy developers, with no regard to taxpayers or to working class residents of color in Washington, D.C. Read more

Struggle Continues at Congress Heights

Throughout the Summer and Fall all of us working together with the tenants at Congress Heights have been able to stave off the threat of displacement and gentrification. Since we have started our struggle we have not only prevented the imminent destruction of the properties at Congress Heights, but we have pushed forward the entire struggle against slumlords in Washington D.C.  Read more

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