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What is happening?

Several buildings immediately surrounding the Congress Heights Metro, including four residential buildings, are proposed to be demolished. The plan would create two large towers. One tower will be office space while the second tower will be roughly 200 units of almost entirely market-rate housing. Sanford Capital, the corporate owners of these buildings, has been attempting to clear out residents to pave the way for redevelopment. They have done so using a variety of means, including deliberately allowing units to go into disrepair to the point where they are uninhabitable.

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Tenants Speak out at the Zoning Commission

Read more about Sanford tenants from Congress Heights taking their stories to the Zoning Commission.

Bringing the Message to the D.C. Council

Read this report from Justice First's dramatic intervention at the Feb. 26 housing funding oversight hearing of the D.C. Council.

Sanford Capital: A D.C. Slumlord Based in Bethesda Who is Sanford Capital?

A Bethesda-based landlord, Sanford owns many properties in Washington, D.C., and describes its business as follows:

“[A]cquiring value-add apartment properties in up and coming submarkets with tangible growth prospects in Washington, DC. Our business model includes acquiring mismanaged and underperforming properties, the signs of which often include high vacancy, below market rents and/or higher than normal bad debt expense. We add value to our properties by increasing income and decreasing expenses and minimizing collection losses.”

But what is Sanford really doing in D.C.? They buy buildings occupied by low-income residents, force out the tenants, and then sell those buildings to big developers for a profit. They aren’t building affordable housing; they can charge as much as $1,625 per month and still call it “affordable.” But more than that, they simply are replacing this housing with high-cost units.

Learn more about Sanford's agenda in D.C., and Montgomery County residents can sign our petition against Sanford's practices.

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  • Christopher Glenn
    commented 2015-12-09 09:03:52 -0500
    The people petition for recall is for DC city councilmember’s and or Mayor.
    Proposer(s) we, the undersigned, being qualified registered voters in the District of Columbia, request that the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics hold a recall election, as prescribed in Charter Amendment No. 2, to Title IV of the District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act (D.C. Code §1-204.111 to 1-204.115). Statement of Grounds for Recall of many Council Members and , Mayor
    They have failed the city, with blatant cowardice and incompetence; failed to keep promises made to residents; hired persons who disrespect residents:
    deprived residents of voting rights,
    failed transparency government participation,
    Failed to provide adequate elected school board, education, vocational training,
    failed to provide effective supportive employment,
    failed to provide a living wage,
    failed to provide affordable housing for low income families,
    Fail to provide increased funding in these areas and coordinated services for the maximum impact,
    failed to provide adequate shelters, assistant living, and batter women services.
    They have neglected social problems; and gives no adequate aid to the homeless.
    failed to provide adequate reentry programs for ex-offenders,
    failed to provide the elderly assistant with their homes with tax moratoriums, tax breaks and assistants,
    failed to monitor stores that sale drugs components to youths,
    failed to monitor contracts, Medicaid fraud, and voters polls,
    They have let unions, big businesses and banks control our city.
    They do not support Black businesses, and is determined to put all Blacks out of business.
    They have no Blacks working on our neighborhood projects.
    They has sold out D.C. General, now they is selling out the DC Taxicab drivers.
    Failed to fix the growing problems at the DC board of elections,
    no local resident in administration positions, no economic development in our Black communities; no Black contractors with Public Works, Public Schools and Housing contracts; and very few Black merchants or vendors working downtown.
    They has supported corrupt community development corporations that exploit, misuse, and mismanage tax dollars;

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