Mission Statement

Justice First is dedicated to educating the public about their rights and remedies for social, racial, economic and political problems that affect the social welfare of individuals, whole neighborhoods and communities. The organization’s activities are intended to heighten public awareness about a range of social welfare problems, and the remedies in existence that have been secured by law.

We are dedicated to promoting social and economic justice, defending civil rights and liberties, and eliminating racism and all forms of bigotry and discrimination. We do this through grassroots community organizing, advocacy, and education and outreach.

About Our Work

Washington, D.C., is truly a tale of two cities.

Boiled down to its essence, this revolves around the question of affordability. The traditional, almost exclusively African-American working class in D.C. is being driven out because the city is being constructed or reconstructed in a way that makes it unaffordable. The cost of living is so high that the District is not even affordable for many of the newer sections of the population that have arrived in the last few years.

Affordability covers both the issues of costs and wages. If it costs too much to pay for housing, or heat and light, both of which are subsidiary pillars of housing, people will be driven out and are being driven out. Justice First works to oppose gentrification and displacement in D.C., and advocates for affordable housing for all.

We are fighting for social and racial justice across a broad spectrum of issues ranging from rampant police brutality to affordable and decent housing. Our work fosters grassroots leadership among Black and other youth of color to build a fightback movement capable of challenging systemic inequality.





Eugene Puryear Sean Blackmon

Eugene Puryear
Director of Field Operations

Sean Blackmon
Director of Advancement

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