We Packed the Hearing


(Justice First's Eugene Puryear testifying)

On Thursday, February 4th we filled up the main D.C. Council chamber with foes of slums and displacement. Over 50 people showed up to support and over 25 testified in support of tenants near the Congress Heights Metro. On just a few days notice we mobilized and proposed concrete solutions to the problems of slums and gentrification we've seen at Congress Heights.

Most importantly, the Bowser administration was forced to admit they can help. As we have mentioned before there is an empty building that while necessary for the development is not owned by Sanford Capital. The District government has a claim to that building whereby they could easily leverage Sanford Capital and developer Geoff Griffis to help the tenants. They have been claiming all along that they do not have that leverage. At the hearing a government representative admitted they have the leverage, but refused to answer questions about why they won't use it.

Our struggle to prevent slum conditions and displacement in Congress Heights will continue. We will keep pressing the District to use its leverage to help the tenants at Congress Heights. We know that with your help we can win justice!


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